Easy meal prep ideas for health care professionals

Busy schedules can get in the way of eating on a regular schedule and can often lead to skipping meals or opting for sugary snacks and junk food.

When working in the medical field, cooking is the last thing on most people’s minds, especially if you’ve dealt with fluids, sick people and chaos.

While being busy is the ideal excuse for not eating properly, one of the best ways to get in a nutritious meal, even when the day gets away from you, is to meal prep.

There are plenty of ways to start meal prepping — it’s easy to get lost in the recipes. Here are four easy meal prep ideas perfect for health care professionals.

Chicken and avocado burritos

These burritos take about 20 minutes to make, according to the recipe. You’ll need chicken, creamy avocado, spicy salsa (or one of your choosing), sour cream, cheese and tortillas.

Taco bowl

Taco bowls are a simple go-to for meal prep, and they’re packed with protein to keep you energized throughout the day. Six ingredients make up the perfect taco bowl. You’ll need: meat of your choice, rice, corn, black beans, pico-de-gallo and avocado.

Turkey roll-up

If you’re a little strapped for time, the low-carb turkey roll-up takes only five minutes to make and has eight ingredients: turkey or roasted meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cream cheese, cranberry sauce, tortilla, tomato and cheese.

If you don’t want the carbs, you can opt for a lettuce wrap.

Mason jar salad

Mason jar salads have gone viral on TikTok. This simple way of putting together your favorite salad in a travel-friendly container makes things simple, clean and fun to eat.

To get started, gather all the ingredients you want for your salad, including the dressing. First, place the dressing at the bottom and then layer the salad ingredients on top of each other. When you’re ready to eat the salad, you shake it up and enjoy.