5 Halloween activities for pediatric nurses and their patients

Even kids in the hospital should get to celebrate Halloween

Celebrating Halloween can be difficult for children in the hospital. Most kids in pediatric care can’t leave the facility to trick-or-treat or go to a carnival. But there are a few ways that nurses can help bring Halloween to them.

Here are five fun Halloween activities nurses can do with their patients:


You can easily bring some seasonal fun to the floor by adding a jack-o-lantern at the nurses’ station. But to really engage with young patients, consider adding some decorations in their room. Get kids involved by having them cut out spooky paper figures to tape to the window or door or just print some Halloween-themed coloring sheets.

Pumpkin painting

‘Tis the season for pumpkins and pumpkin patches! Nabbing a few little pumpkins, whether real or plastic, and a few paints or markers and patients young and old can let their creativity out. If patient can be moved around, consider setting up in a common area and making a party out of it.


Plenty of Halloween-themed activities can be downloaded from ETSY or ordered from Amazon. From crossword puzzles and pictures, to game boards and more, a printout can help keep young minds sharp and offer a short mental break from hospital life.

Goody bags

Who doesn’t love a little candy? Goody bags are a great way to replicate a little of the fun of trick-or-treating. You can prepare the bags with each patient’s dietary needs in mind. Don’t forget to throw in a few classic Halloween toys or stickers.

Movie night

Movie nights are one of the easiest activities to do with someone in the hospital, especially when most rooms already have a television or a designated patient playroom. Movie night can bring the patients together as a community for a fun night. If you have the resources, upgrade the event with games or a costume contest.

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