How journalist Wilborn P. Nobles III presses on

Credit: Ben Gray

Credit: Ben Gray

Unemployment and death are the worst things to come out of this pandemic, but at the same time, the coronavirus illustrates the importance of journalism in obtaining the truth no matter what happens.

Good journalism conveys the trauma of death in ways that hit home. That sense of valor to commit to understanding trauma’s impact on our communities inspired me to become a journalist.

We devote hours into our communities when you voice concerns about the issues affecting you. We seek out and research an unmeasurable amount of information — some documents harder to obtain than others — to understand what’s happening around us.

Our work requires us to repeatedly ensure our information is factual. We often chase and debunk news tips to ensure we’re not spreading rumors that sow discord in our community. We do this because we care about you and society.

But it’s a volatile industry. Before age 30, I’ve been furloughed and laid off prior to joining The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. But these things happen, and I’m pressing on like any other journalist. We believe in the right to provide information to people and to ensure your feelings are heard without fear of retribution or censorship.

Think of the scandals exposed, and how people responded with accountability for their actions, thanks to strong journalism. Imagine what we fail to learn about our community — much less our elected leaders or executives who possess great capital — without journalists devoting their time to this public service.

Your subscriptions fuel our ability to maintain this work and to do it well. I fear what could happen without your ongoing support. Journalism is an industry experiencing a worldwide decline in terms of public trust and funding, but it doesn’t have to be that way in our beautiful community.

Let’s agree to disagree on many things, but let’s all support journalism. Let’s support public accountability, public service, and efforts to ensure everyone’s voices are heard. I’m a local subscriber to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and hopefully you’re either a member or considering a subscription as well.

Thank you for what you do to help us. Thank you for your own persistence in this life we call our own. Press on, be safe and take care.

Please support the work of your journalists. Start a subscription today. If you’re already a subscriber, thank you. With your support, we can keep you informed with real, fact-based news. It’s worth knowing what’s really going on.