Slutty Vegan founder offers jobs to juvenile offenders



The founder of Slutty Vegan is offering job experience to about 30 current or former juvenile offenders.

Through her nonprofit, The Pinky Cole Foundation, restaurant owner Pinky Cole has partnered with the state Department of Juvenile Justice to employ up to 30 young offenders at her restaurants and food trucks.

Four young offenders began working at Slutty Vegan last week.

The foundation also is offering $10,000 in scholarships annually to juvenile offenders who work at the restaurants and have earned a high school diploma or GED to pay for college or technical school.

“Being able to partner with the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice to help kids in our community is what we are about at Slutty Vegan and the Pinky Cole Foundation,” Cole said.

The partnership is part of DJJ’s F.R.E.S.H (Focusing Resources Effectively to Sustain Hope) Start Youth Initiative, which aims to give young offenders a path to develop careers in the restaurant industry.

DJJ Commissioner Tyrone Oliver said the partnership will strengthen the efforts of the F.R.E.S.H. Start initiative.

“The Pinky Cole Foundation is giving these young people a better opportunity to succeed in life and be productive workers in their community,” Oliver said.