Government reporter
Maya T. Prabhu joined The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2017 to cover Georgia government and politics. Her reporting focuses on gambling and abortion legislation, criminal justice and social issues and the 2020 legislative races. Born in Queens, N.Y., and raised in northern Virginia, Maya received her bachelor’s degree from Spelman College before heading back to the D.C. area to get a master’s from the University of Maryland. After many years away, she was excited to make her way back to Atlanta. Maya previously reported for The Post and Courier in Charleston, S.C., where she also covered state government and politics. Before that, Maya wrote for newspapers and online news organizations in South Carolina and Maryland. Moving around a lot as a kid and an adult, she’s lived in seven of the states that have flags flying at Liberty Plaza. And, as anyone who follows her on Twitter would know, Maya has near-encyclopedic knowledge of all things Beyoncé.
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