Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she likes being a ‘free agent’

She praised McCarthy, who is hosting a fundraiser for her

Credit: Nathan Posner for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Credit: Nathan Posner for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene hasn’t talked to her former comrades in the House Freedom Caucus this week, even though it is their first time back at the Capitol since the group’s secretive vote to oust her from the conservative coalition.

The Rome Republican said she no longer considers herself one of them, and that’s that.

“I’m interested in getting accomplishments done, not doing things just to disrupt and fight leadership,” she said. “And that’s a major difference. You can fight for your conservative principles and try to push conservative goals without having to be anti-leadership.”

Her support for leadership has been rewarded. Greene confirmed a report by Punchbowl News that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was hosting a fundraising reception on her behalf Wednesday night. Punchbowl said the goal was to raise more than $50,000 for the second-term lawmaker.

Greene said the fundraiser was already on the books prior to the Freedom Caucus vote to boot her. But she said she also appreciated that McCarthy, a California Republican, had her back.

Part of the reported rationale for her ouster from the group was her close relationship with McCarthy, whose bid to become speaker was opposed by some Freedom Caucus members. Many in the caucus also considered McCarthy’s debt-limit compromise with President Joe Biden a betrayal.

“I’m really glad to have his support; I think he’s doing a great job,” Greene said of McCarthy. “Many of us — I was actually talking with some of my colleagues — feel like he’s the most conservative speaker that we’ve had in decades. Someone else said possibly 100 years. So we’re very happy with Kevin McCarthy.”

Greene said she isn’t interested in conversations with Freedom Caucus members that could lead to more drama. She said she is open to working with anyone, but she hesitated when asked whether she was open to rejoining the group in the future.

“That would require a lot of thought and conditions,” she said. “But I think I enjoy being a free agent a lot better.”