On the Georgia Trail: Ted Cruz ‘ says Democrats ‘managed to get everything wrong’

MONROE — Democrat Raphael Warnock likes to tell a story about how he worked across the aisle with U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz to secure funding for an interstate highway stretching from Texas to Georgia.

But during a campaign stop in Georgia on Thursday, Cruz had nothing nice to say about his partner in the Cruz-Warnock amendment.

“You look at Washington and the messed up policies of (President Joe) Biden, (Vice President Kamala) Harris, (Senate Majority Leader Chuck) Schumer, (House Speaker Nancy) Pelosi and Raphael Warnock,” Cruz told a crowd of at least 200 people gathered outside the Walton County Historic Courthouse. “They’ve managed to get everything wrong.”

Cruz was in Georgia stumping for Herschel Walker, in hopes that a GOP win in the state will swing the Senate back into Republican control.

“You think about Herschel and the career he’s had in football, facing large, scary linebackers looking to do real harm,” Cruz said. “I’ve got to tell you, compared to that, Chuck Schumer ain’t that scary.”

Walker appeared with Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina earlier in the day at a campaign stop in Cumming.

Mike Collins, likely to win in Georgia’s 10th, seeks Appropriations panel seat

Mike Collins is likely to become U.S. Rep. Jody Hice’s successor in Georgia’s 10th Congressional District. With a comfortable position as the GOP nominee in a conservative-leaning district, he can turn his focus on helping other Republicans get elected and figuring out what he would do once sworn into Congress.

At Thursday’s rally for Herschel Walker in Monroe, Collins said he would like to sit on the Appropriations Committee if given the opportunity. Right now, U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop is the only member of the Georgia delegation on the committee.

“We need to start on that debt, getting that debt under control,” Collins said. “We need to start passing appropriation bills in a timely order.”

Collins, a trucking company owner, said as he talks to what are likely his future constituents, the economy comes up again and again.

“It’s either inflation, when you go to buy gas or when you go to the store to buy products, or people are really concerned about crime,” he said.