LISTEN: How the Fulton plea deals undermine Trump’s ‘witch hunt’ claims

Sidney Powell (left) and Kenneth Chesebro (right). (File photos)

Credit: File photos

Credit: File photos

Sidney Powell (left) and Kenneth Chesebro (right). (File photos)

Former President Donald Trump has for years claimed that he’s the target of a “witch hunt” by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and other investigators who are attempting to prove his efforts to reverse his 2020 defeat broke the law.

The back-to-back plea deals by pro-Trump attorneys Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro last week could undermine his efforts to paint the sweeping Fulton County indictment as a politicized prosecution.

On Monday’s episode of the Politically Georgia podcast, the hosts are joined by Georgia State University law professor Anthony Michael Kreis to discuss the political and legal implications of the plea deals -- and what happens next in the ongoing litigation.

Then: It’s another day of déjà vu all over again on Capitol Hill as GOP House members still have no nominee for speaker of the House. Georgia U.S. Rep. Austin Scott has thrown his hat back in the ring. But he’s now just one of nine other candidates. What chances does he have to win the gavel?

Plus, Patricia Murphy points out how the chaotic speaker battle reveals that the MAGA wing of the party is undermining the traditional Republican Party in Washington and here in Georgia.

And Greg Bluestein reports that GOP legislative leaders who want to us the new state commission set up to discipline district attorneys may not be able to use it against Fani Willis.

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