Hate the time switch? Here is why Georgia will probably keep daylight saving time for now

As the sun rose behind clouds on the final day of Georgia’s legislative session (an hour later on our clocks, due to daylight saving time), both the the House and Senate had approved different ways to abolish the switch to DST. Even if they agree on a shared version before adjournment Wednesday, Georgians will need to keep adjusting their clocks in fall and spring, at least for now.

As our colleague David Wickert reported, the state House voted Monday to keep daylight saving time all year. With two catches. The first is that the state Senate had approved a different version and would have to agree to the House changes. Second, Georgia would still need approval from Congress to make this change.

According to the Congressional Research Service, 11 states have adopted measures authorizing permanent daylight saving time, including Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee. But they cannot make the switch unless Congress authorizes it. Congress has considered but not approved such legislation.

But just in case, you can track updates on daylight saving time bills and other interesting legislation in the AJC Bill Tracker. The House and Senate are scheduled to work around the clock Wednesday, the final day of the 2021 regular legislative session. Almost anything could happen in that time.

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