Georgia 2022: Inside the U.S. Senate election

Credit: AJC

Credit: AJC

Two years ago, Georgia’s U.S. Senate races captivated the nation. The sequel in 2022 is doing the same.

Democrat Raphael Warnock defeated incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler in a January 2021 runoff, which helped give Democrats control of the U.S. Senate and a rare statewide win for the party. Now Warnock is set to face former University of Georgia football player Herschel Walker in a Dec. 6 runoff after neither crossed the 50% threshold needed to win the office in November. Warnock came closest with 49.4% to Walker’s 48.5%. Libertarian Chase Oliver won 2% in November but will not be in the runoff.

Polls continue to show a close race.

Warnock, who is the most prolific fundraiser in the Senate, has collected more than $166 million in campaign contributions this election cycle and has about $30 million in the bank. Walker has raised more than $57 million and has $10 million in the bank.

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