Few lines, but some areas report issues

Voters reported short lines at the polls on Tuesday morning, but there were scattered problems at voting locations in the metro Atlanta area.

At Skyland Church in Brookhaven, DeKalb County officials said two voting touchscreens weren’t working correctly.

“Due to a technical issue identified on two voting touchscreen machines at the Skyland Church voting location, polling officials reissued cards to voters who initially utilized the impacted machines and those voters were able to successfully cast ballots this election,” said DeKalb elections spokesman Erik Burton. “The two impacted machines are being replaced.”

Gabriel Sterling, chief operating officer for the secretary of state’s office, said the issue “had to do with human programming, nothing to do with the equipment itself.”

Across Georgia, wait times for voters were less than two minutes long, and it took them about 43 seconds to check in on average, Sterling said.

Meanwhile at Parkside Elementary in Atlanta, a ballot scanner wasn’t working correctly Tuesday morning.

But voting continued, with voters dropping their ballots into a secured bin for scanning later, as required by state election rules.