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Georgia Runoff Election Results

Tuesday June 18 is runoff election day. Voters in Atlanta and across Georgia cast their votes for the state’s general primary and nonpartisan election on May 21. These runoffs are needed to decide close races in which no candidate won a majority vote. Why is this election important? The results determine who will represent each party in the general election – and in key races that are nonpartisan or only one party has a candidate, who will likely be the victor. Ballots include candidates for county commission, sheriff, district attorney and some city posts, plus Georgia congressional seats and the Georgia Legislature. The nonpartisan section of the ballot includes referendums and state and local judicial elections.

Election Results

Here are the latest results in top races from the Georgia primary and nonpartisan runoff election on June 18, 2024. Use the links below to explore results by category. Results are unofficial and incomplete until certified.