DA’s father describes ‘nightmare threats’ against daughter

District attorney Fani Willis’ father, John Clifford Floyd III, is testifying about his concerns for his daughter’s safety amid death threats.

Floyd, a retired lawyer, was called to the witness stand by the district attorney’s office. He’s being questioned about moving into Willis’ four-bedroom South Fulton home in 2019. Floyd said he lived with Willis until she was forced to move after being elected as the district attorney.

“There were people outside her house cursing and yelling and calling her the B-word and the N-word,” Floyd said. “It was bizarre. I hadn’t seen anything exactly like it before.”

Floyd remained at the home until 2022, he said. He spoke about the threats that Willis and the rest of the family had received.

“They were going to kill her, they were going to kill me, they were going to kill my grandchildren,” Floyd said. “Somebody sprayed the B-word and the N-word on the house. It was just so crazy.”

Floyd mentioned that he had met Willis’ former boyfriend, a disc jockey called Deuce. He said he met Wade in 2023 but never saw him at the home he shared with his daughter. He added that he didn’t know Willis dated Wade until recently, when their romantic relationship became public.

Floyd said he intentionally didn’t know where his daughter resided after leaving her South Fulton home in early 2021, due to “the nightmare threats” against her and the rest of the family. He said she has had to move several times since then, and they’ve had limited contact due to safety concerns.

Floyd said Willis never returned to live in the South Fulton home after leaving i.. He said she would visit the property from time to time, with her security team, to pick up belongings.