Asa Hutchinson: Trump treated secret documents ‘like entertainment tools’



Speaking to reporters following a well-received speech to the Georgia state party convention, former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson warned that the Republican Party “should not lose its soul” defending former President Donald Trump in his mounting criminal cases, including his indictment this week on charges related to his handling of classified documents.

While Trump has the presumption of innocence, he said, the country needs a commander-in-chief that treats classified information seriously. “What we see in the facts thus far is that he treated (the documents) like entertainment tools,” he said.

Going further, Hutchinson again said Trump should drop out of the presidential contest. “Staying in the race does a disservice to the office of presidency and to the country and to the important decision that we have to make,” he said. “This is a task for the Republican Party as to how we respond to this and the how we navigate through.”

Hutchinson opened the convention earlier with a speech to the party faithful, telling delegates about keeping businesses open during COVID as governor and fighting illegal drugs as Drug Enforcement Agency director.

“This election is important,” he said. “Thank you for being engaged.” Trump will speak to the convention later today.