Readers write

Taxpayers deserve a break, not student loan borrowers

Regarding Nedra Rhone’s opinion piece in the July 31 AJC, “Georgia’s student loan borrowers deserve break,” the people who “deserve” a break are the taxpayers on whose backs and pocketbooks any student loan forgiveness will fall.

Ms. Rhone knows that there is no free lunch. Why, in all fairness, should the men and women who clean the dorms, bathrooms, and classrooms at the 11 universities in Georgia represented on the recent lobbying trip to Washington, DC pay for this debt, which was willingly and contractually agreed to by the students involved?

Don’t those working folks “deserve” to keep their own hard-earned money? If you’re not going to pay it back, don’t agree to a loan in the first place.

Get a job like many of us did.


Committee hearings show Trump unfit for second term as president

The Jan. 6 committee investigating the insurrection at the Capitol accomplished something the Republican establishment could not for fear of alienating Trump supporters.

The committee made Trump an unacceptable candidate for president in 2024. Trump does not know it yet, but he will soon when candidates he supports lose in the November midterm elections. He will read the writing on the wall, scripted by the Jan. 6 committee.

Trump accomplished so many things during his presidency but destroyed his legacy just to satisfy his ego. The Jan. 6 committee proved, if nothing else, that then-President Trump could have stopped the insurrection but did not.

Therefore, other Republican candidates can now run for president with impunity in 2024.