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Warnock’s character makes him best choice for Senate

Will Georgia follow the path of MLK or Mar-a-Lago? That’s the choice in the Senate runoff.

Raphael Warnock has devoted his life to making MLK’s dream a reality. Herschel Walker’s candidacy desecrates and endangers MLK’s legacy.

Walker has hooked his star to Trump’s George Wallace-style populist bigotry. Walker curries favor with Trump’s base by peddling the Big Lie that racism is a myth. He wants to spoon-feed our children a whitewashed version of history. If MLK were alive today, Walker would mock him as “woke.” Walker follows the MAGA playbook, weaponizing warped definitions of patriotism and faith to divide us.

A vote for Walker is a vote for the GOP’s assault on civil rights, women’s rights, voting rights and democracy. It’s a vote for Trump continuing to embroil Georgia in his ego trips and temper tantrums.

In contrast, a vote for Warnock is a vote for character and competence over celebrity politics and extremism – a vote for perfecting our democracy instead of blowing it up.


Competency test for candidates a good idea

The Nov. 16 letter to the editor, “Make all political candidates prove competency,” makes great sense!

Current candidates, many not having the benefit of high-school civics classes taken by us Boomers, may not even realize that such a body of knowledge exists. Among various information sources for creating a test is the National Educational Standards ( section on civics and government.

And candidates don’t even have to pass the test! The pols could still run their smiley-face ads and muddy-face their opponents, but every ad would close with their pass/fail grade.

One obstacle would be getting legislatures to pass state and federal laws requiring this, as so many legislators have found their own ignorance is no bar to public office.