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Buffalo tragedy demands lawmakers’ attention

It’s been over a week since 10 innocent people were killed in Buffalo, N.Y., but I’ve seen little in the AJC letters to the editor about this tragedy.

The fact that an individual who threatened his high school could, less than a year later, buy several weapons that are illegal in New York and kill 10 people highlights several painful — and unpopular – realities. America needs better enforcement of existing gun laws, stronger gun laws and better mental health resources.

Until our elected officials have the courage and integrity to enact legislation to protect our country and everyone who lives here, no one is safe.


U.S. history doesn’t treat past secessionists favorably

Patricia Murphy, in her very timely piece on the Trumpian fever over election fraud, calls out several current and potential Georgia legislators who are running on the lie that the 2020 election was stolen (but only in states where Democrats won). Other essayists have called these people “conservatives” or “ultra-conservatives,” a questionable label considering these are people who support overturning democratic norms, including the peaceful transition of power. One must ask, was Robert E. Lee (a West Point graduate) and the Civil War secessionists just patriotic ultra-conservatives?


Hoping Trump loyalists will stick to their principles

Since Donald Trump shows little support for those who refused to accept his unsupported claim that the election was stolen, it’s obvious to me that he will throw anyone under the bus who is not loyal to him, including Georgia politicians and voters. There’s a report that a sizable number of Republicans will refuse to vote for Gov. Kemp if Perdue is not the GOP nominee. Perdue is a Trump loyalist, and I hope that his supporters stick to their principles.