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Tired of Trump, Republicans look to DeSantis

There was no red wave for the Republicans in the recent midterm elections.

But one thing for sure came out of those midterms, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ tsunami of re-election elevated him from one day he could be President to he just might be the Republicans’ answer for getting rid of Trump -- if he decides to run against Trump for president in 2024.

Now, after DeSantis’ big re-election win, a jealous, petty, former President Trump sees DeSantis as a real threat. DeSantis has no legal or political baggage. He is stoic and controlled, has a military background and has a beautiful young family.

I’m sure DeSantis makes Trump feel like old news. He’s now just a bitter older man, fuming over perceived injustices. Probably he only feels relevant when he’s in front of his massive MAGA crowds that are still drawn to him.

But will they continue buying into his braggadocious diatribes and childish mockery of others if DeSantis runs?


Hurricane damage is high price of climate change

The devastation of expensive beach houses by Hurricane Nicole, “Tropical Storm Topples Beach Homes Into Ocean,” (News, Nov. 11) provides yet another sorry spectacle of the costs of climate change. Economists tell us that the cost of ending the era of fossil fuels will be far less than the costs of inaction, but we have ignored their warnings. It is hard to draw the connection between filling our tanks with gas 20 years ago and the devastating floods in Pakistan now. Is our civilization unworthy of survival? Shall we just hunker down and wait for doom?

Flipping the page of our newspapers, we see new electric car plants and other belated signs of climate action providing new jobs and opportunities. More climate disasters are inevitable, but the collapse of civilization is not. So don’t despair! As a wise father once told his son, “Never take a called third strike. Go down swinging.”