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After sleeping through Trump’s reign, deficit hawks now curiously stirring

After four years, the hibernating deficit hawks in the Senate are beginning to stir. Without disturbing their slumber, Trump has been blowing up the deficit all this time with his determination to build walls and provide tax benefits to the rich and his buddies in big corporations, and with his ill-thought-out tariff schemes for which he paid off adversely affected U.S. farmers. Now, as we move toward inaugurating a Democratic president, and as the Trump-ignored pandemic rages with its job losses, hunger, and threatening recession, suddenly the hawks are beginning to awaken and worry how they can take minimal steps in response – just enough to ensure they can blame the present and looming problems on the incoming Democrats.


Perdue, Loeffler have been unfairly vilified by Dems on COVID, other issues

I am sick of Democratic and Republican PACs running ads vilifying candidates. Some accusations may be true, or not. The accusation senators Perdue and Loeffler soft-pedaled COVID-19 in the beginning is ridiculous. Anything they have said has repeated what federal bureaucrats told them – and they, by their own admission, knew about as much as I did at the beginning of the pandemic. What I would like to see is for voters to be told what it will mean to the Constitution, rule of law and U.S. way of life if Democrats control Congress and the White House. Or, voters can look at Democrat-controlled states and cities to know what the future will hold. Warnock, Ossoff, Perdue and Loeffler would be among 535 elected politicians in Congress. Do you think they have any real power as individuals? At least Perdue and Loeffler have experience in the system. Republicans must vote, too, to overcome any perceived or actual voting impropriety.


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