Readers Write: Are GOP leaders more loyal to party or country?

Are GOP leaders more loyal to party or country?

The actions of the Republican party leaders in opposing an independent bipartisan commission to examine the causes of and responsibility for the attack on the Capitol are deeply disturbing. Both Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Kevin McCarthy laid blame on former President Trump, but now both oppose the creation of the commission because its findings might negatively impact their party’s success in 2022 and 2024.

Is their loyalty to their party deeper than their loyalty to our country’s democratic processes? If so, they should be ashamed.


Atlanta must crack down on noise pollution, racing

I’ve lived for 20 years in a high rise condominium residence in Buckhead - just a couple blocks from Lenox and Phipps malls.

My building has triple glazed windows and until recently there have only been rare occasions where outside noise has been intrusive. But in the last couple years, I can’t sit outside, or inside either, without hearing the obnoxious sound of purposefully “screaming” exhaust systems from cars revving their engines and owners showing off their outrageous sounds. Lenox Road, East Paces Ferry and Peachtree Road have become “show off” destinations for theses owners to race their engines and cars‚ and create a nuisance for local residents and visitors to this popular area of Atlanta. I suspect there is no policing of this activity, as its incidence is so frequent.

I call on the mayor and police to stop this offensive activity and enforce the laws pertaining to car racing and noise pollution in the city of Atlanta.