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Crossover Democrat voters showed their patriotism

I noted with bemusement the consternation of the Republicans regarding the number of Democrats voting in their May primary. While this may be interpreted as mischief, I believe, in fact, it was patriotism.

I would guess that most Democrats who voted in the primary voted for candidates who demonstrated a modicum of integrity, honesty and allegiance to democracy versus the Big Lie promoters and disinformation mavens favored by the radical right.

While they may not vote for Kemp or Raffensperger in the general election, they at least know if their candidate loses, the Republican who wins will uphold the law. This is commonly known as hedging your bet. In this case, the hedging may be existential to the form of government we get to enjoy post-2024.


More of Biden’s missteps seen in his energy strategy

Question for our green activists and green Democrats/liberals/leftists/progressives and green administration, why are the Chinese continuing to build coal-fired electrical generating plants?

What is their strategy? What do they know or plan for the future? Will the “Western World” suddenly run out of electrical energy after shutting down energy production based on fossil fuels far too quickly? Do the Chinese embrace climate change initiatives, or do they view them as pure nonsense?

I certainly hope the Dems have someone better than Biden and his team of handlers thinking this through. This won’t end like Afghanistan, like increasing gas prices, like overall inflation, like increased crime and ridiculous sentencings, like the invasion of immigrants and deadly drugs from the Mexican cartels, like baby formula shortages and like all of Joe’s many other missteps and lies.

I also have little or no trust or faith in our current government to act responsibly and maintain policies and strategies that keep the U.S. safe.