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Let’s support ‘green premium’ efforts to reduce threats

See “Georgians: Global warming is real” (Metro, March 3). This article reports percentages reflecting Georgians’ concerns at least during the Texan polar vortex deep freeze that immobilized unprepared energy systems from wind turbines to fossil fuel delivery equipment and an independent energy grid.

We need an article about the solutions, list them, encourage debate about which is best and which are compatible, able to occur together.

Bill Gate’s “green premium” concept suggests the price to transition to clean energy is the big social challenge. Can we do it?

In the time of covid era, we are learning in the U.S. that brash disregard for common rules and decency is reckless, that everyone working to protect each other is the sensible way to reduce destructive threats.

When it comes to global warming, and the fossil fuel addiction, carbon pricing with a dividend returned to consumers is the backbone of a “green premium.” It protects people. Senators Ossoff and Warnock, please support it!


Rep. Green giving a voice to the voiceless

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green’s appearance on the front page has to mean that she’s not too well thought of by the media: That is, she says things the media doesn’t agree with. So, the media says, lets get her faults right out front, right away, before someone actually takes her seriously.

Rep. Green is no fool and she knows where decisions are made in D.C. She knows where the power plays take place. Rep Green knows what the Democratic lobbyists are pushing and that pushing is for more liberal programs.

Rep. Green is receiving small donations because those voters aren’t wealthy and they need a voice in D.C. That voice is irritating the leftist media. She may be an ‘outsider,’ but she’s making ‘insider’ moves and that’s making the liberals nervous.


It’s more important than ever to get out the vote

The Republicans of this state have sent a clear message the voters. That message is: “We don’t want you to vote”. Our message to them should be just as clear. Do everything you can to show up at the polls next election and vote these sore losers out of office. They are incensed that Black and young people are voting. They know their constituency is on the verge of extinction and are petrified of losing power. Let’s show them that we don’t need to have our rights rolled back. It’s more important than ever to get out the vote.


DeKalb northside needs to improve vaccination situation

DeKalb’s northside vaccination situation is a disaster. In moving COVID-19 vaccinations to the Doraville MARTA Station from the BrandsMart lot, the DeKalb County Board of Health somehow managed to make an imperfect situation much worse. No longer are drive-up shots offered. Instead, all are now required to leave their cars and walk about 100 yards, over trip hazards, to a MASH-like tent. Recently, I inquired how my older family member with mobility challenges could be accommodated. A guardsman said he could help him walk if needed. After we staggered the full distance, a police officer asked why I didn’t drive my family member to the tent. DeKalb needs to provide clear signage and properly trained personnel to accommodate the disabled and mobility challenged. Further, DeKalb should again offer in-vehicle vaccinations, even as an option.


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