Readers Write: Sustainable energy would help protect us from attack


Sustainable energy would help protect us from attack

The cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline, threatens 45% of the East Coast’s gas supply, demonstrating our dire need for infrastructure spending.

Technology and energy are just two of many areas of American vulnerability. Political fighting has weakened us and taken our eyes off of improving what’s important to make America strong. Increasing our reliance on sustainable energy and decentralizing our power grids will strengthens us from attack, make us economically competitive and prepare us for the climate challenges ahead. Georgia is starting to lead the way by developing battery production facilities and producing more electric vehicles.

We must continue this progress with basic infrastructure upgrades and investments in people. Now is the time to come together, take decisive action to upgrade infrastructure and address climate change for the betterment of our futures.


Next mayor needs to do more than form committees

It appears the mayor wasn’t ‘proactive’ enough.” Her method of kicking the can down the road wasn’t considered “proactive.” And she decided the kitchen heat was a bit too much and decided to get out of the kitchen. Anyone who wants to be the next mayor has to have an ego bigger than Stone Mountain and if they think forming committees is going to reduce crime, they’ll become discouraged just like Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. If the next mayor is planning on winning a popularity contest, he or she will be woefully disappointed. He or she will need a powerful street sweeper that has no regard for excuses such as having a ‘bad day.’ Police officers should be rewarded for taking troublemakers off the street; not punished with jail sentences.

Taxpayers pay the salaries of the mayor, city council and the police officers and they should be able to enjoy a return on their investment.