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Hardworking Americans in need of targeted, frugal COVID relief package

A number of Americans fell through the cracks of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act and did not qualify for benefits. For example, a single mother recently told me she was furloughed, but then had to quit her job to take care of her children because their school had closed. She fell through a crack because she “quit” her job. To the politicians in Washington: Please design a new COVID-19 package that is targeted (that is, wastes no money) but also picks up everyone who is hurting due to COVID-19.


Election showed the frustrations of disenfranchised, despairing American men

Two groups followed and voted for Trump. The first is the standard Republican voter. The second is a group we really need to appeal to after the election: Millions of very angry, disenfranchised, and perhaps even hopeless-feeling men. This has been created over many years of differential treatment to make boys, and later men, tough without regard for the deeper, mental and emotional growth needed to develop more communication- and information-age skills. This leaves many boys and men failing in school and society. They are angry, as they are given love and honor based only on achievement or status. Boys and, later, men who are not achieving are given much more ridicule along with subtle or more open abuse by society. Their anger will not go away and could actually increase over time. I hope those in office, the media, and others in authority will understand this and try to speak with more consolation to these millions of angry men.