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‘Solid South’ still rules with GOP gerrymandering

I find it strangely odd Republicans in the Georgia legislature are accusing Democrats of sour grapes for the current gerrymandering of the electoral map, claiming 20 years ago, Democrats did the same thing. What so many Georgia Republicans seem to forget is that 20 years ago, many in office then were Democrats, not by virtue of political office, but simply upholding a silly notion of “Solid South.” During this time, all Southern states voted Democrat because their ancestors perpetuated opposition to Republicans known as “The Party of Lincoln” and blamed them for the ruination of the antebellum South. They only later switched from Democrats to Republicans amidst Republican strides and when the national Democratic Party no longer was tailored to their liking.

It seems “Solid South” still rules in the minds of Georgia legislators. Same horse but of a different color.


Counting the ways Democrats are destroying republic

Here are just six ways Democrats are destroying our republic.

1.) Democrats keep electing people to office who have never owned, operated, or worked in a business. They elect career government employees who have never run anything. The results are disastrous.

2.) Open borders allowing undocumented immigrants, including drug smugglers, coyotes, children as pawns, diseased/unvaccinated people, terrorists, etc., overwhelming border police while millions of dollars of border walls to rust and deteriorate.

3.) Crime is rampant in most major cities run by Democrats; see “defunding police.”

4.) Crushing our energy and self-sufficiency and forcing massive gas price increases to the consumer.

5.) Worsening the pandemic impact by forcing mandates that diminish labor supply.

6.) Spending trillions of dollars in government debt diminishes labor supply and further damages the supply chain.