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Left eerily silent about Georgia’s rise in elections performance

I appreciate the AJC highlighting Georgia’s recent rise to No. 11 in the country in the MIT Elections Performance Index for its 2022 elections (“Georgia’s elections ranking improves to No. 11 in MIT study,” April 10). This was up from No. 21 in the 2020 elections. However, in a stunning omission, the article was completely silent on the outrage over Georgia’s 2021 Election Integrity Act that President Biden alleged to be “Jim Crow 2.0.” Recall that Georgia lost the 2021 baseball All-Star Game over the act and its alleged voter suppression. Condemnation from the left was fierce.

Now that Georgia’s elections ranking improved significantly after the Election Integrity Act went into effect, can we count on vocal critics to formally apologize for their unfounded attacks on the act and the GOP? I’m betting on the sound of crickets — nothing to see here. At least the All-Star game will return in 2025.


Trump builds his campaign with distortions

Former president Donald Trump is continuing his lifelong battle with the truth.

The economy is bad if he can convince people that it’s bad. President Biden is a bumbler if Trump can convince people he is. Trump is the great white hope for middle America if he can convince people he is.

The truth has never helped Trump. Our economy is the envy of the world. Biden might have to think before speaking, but he is surrounded by good people and is no bumbler.

The United States is built on the belief that all men are created equal, and Trump can’t lead us into a future where people of any race, creed or color are disenfranchised. Trump killed any hope of meaningful progress on immigration reform and aid to our freedom-loving friends in Ukraine and Israel, yet he continues to try and blame Biden for these problems.

Trump wouldn’t know the truth if it stared him in the face. I hope the American people can see through his garbage.