Readers write

Political parties need each other to resolve world problems

I started to condemn Stephen Moore’s “From the right” article “Why is the left always so deathly afraid of future?,” Opinion, Sept. 18, for accusing Democrats of being alarmists because they support reliable scientific warnings such as population limits, COVID, and climate change. But, then, I stopped to learn more.

As a Heritage Foundation distinguished fellow and advisor to Trump’s 2016 campaign, his ending paragraph fits his perspective - losing freedom is his biggest concern.

I decided not to overreact but to help readers understand that both parties need each other to resolve real problems again. Years ago, Republicans and Democrats voted to create the EPA and reduce pollution that contaminated our rivers and dirtied the air we breathe. The science - proof - was undeniable. Still is.

Today more conservative politicians and citizens support ingenious engineering to correct serious human-caused problems. (See and the Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s conservative caucus.) These organizations prioritize passing bipartisan legislation that preserves personal choice as the nation transitions to clean energy. Consider joining them!


Democratic solution to every problem is to spend tax money

The Biden administration has ensured that it will not only get colder (which they will blame on climate change) but that this winter will be very costly for the world.

The Biden administration has ensured that our oil, natural gas and coal supplies will be reduced, but have made Russia stronger and the war in Ukraine more disastrous and long-lasting. Europe now depends on Russia for energy, and we could have been the provider. Thanks to the Biden administration, we and Europe are dependent on the enemy.

Thanks, Joe. You really handled this as well as your exit from Afghanistan. Add this to the illegal immigrants crossing the border with fentanyl, child and sex trafficking and the terrible crime wave in every Democrat-led city. The only Democratic solution is to spend government money to attempt to solve everything.

When you vote, please be sure you understand the consequences.