Readers write

Give Ukraine what it needs to win

During seven months of Russian atrocities causing Ukrainian death and destruction, the West has withheld important weapons and implemented sanctions that merely stung but did not bite the Russian military and population.

Ukraine needs weapons to help it defend against firepower from Russia’s borders. It also needs the West to implement sanctions that will cause pain to the Russian population (loss of jobs and lower standard of living) and military (loss of key weapons and logistical support).

The West should not be complacent about the current situation in Ukraine. Winter is coming.


Holocaust documentary makes us confront our country’s role

Many thanks to Ken Burns and GPB for the new series on our country’s role in the Holocaust. It is outstanding.

It graphically depicts the truth. It makes us uncomfortable while confronting our history. Hopefully, we can learn from it and acknowledge the parallels we see today in this country. I hope Burns is not arrested for violating current Georgia law, which prohibits one from making the citizenry uncomfortable in acknowledging our past.


What are EV drivers to do during power failure?

Let me state first that I have nothing against EVs, a great invention and useful most of the time, but there’s a big drawback with only having this type of car.

People like Gov. Newsom of California and people who want to ban all fossil-fueled cars do not think ahead. In Europe, they have a fitting saying for people like that: They think only from 12:00 until the noon bell rings. Answer the following questions as to how (after a complete power failure) people get to work; people such as firefighters, police, doctors, nurses, to name only a few professionals; and how all the people who need to get to work (or home) handle that?