Readers Write

Letter about SB 202 misses a big point

The writer of the letter “Voting law doesn’t stop voters from using mailboxes,” April 25, lets us know that he is exasperated by critics of the just signed SB 202.

For many of us, however, what is really exasperating are attempts to portray the law as being not just harmless but as representing some great advancement for voting rights. The writer’s argument that since mailboxes remain readily available, the concern that SB 202 makes ballot drop boxes less accessible is “meaningless” ignores a crucial point. The fact remains after all that our Republican legislators decided to make it harder to vote for no legitimate reason (unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud notwithstanding). Furthermore, to claim the mandate that every county in Georgia now have at least one drop-box represents progress does not consider obvious differences in population and voting patterns among our state’s counties.

Is it really a coincidence that this particular mandate will make it harder for voters in blue parts of the state to get their ballots in while having the reverse impact in counties that vote republican? At this point, it is difficult not to feel insulted by those who try to defend a law that is clearly indefensible. May the blowback from this bill actually bring us closer to realizing a more just society.


We need more brow sweat among politicians

Left or right? Too far either way is too far, period. The Trumpoid conservatives worked — with a vengeance, literally — to undo all the liberalism they could. Now the Democrats are moving frantically to restore and add to all the progressivism they can.

Hey, politicians! How about less knee-jerk and more brow sweat?