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Stop human predators, bring justice to victims

Predators seek prey (victims) where they hope to overcome them. For example, a lion will stalk and attack the single most vulnerable animal.

Human predators also seek the easy “mark.” A predator seeks an inconspicuous situation from which to operate. A coach, youth leader, or religious official can actually “groom” the intended victim, progressing toward a more favorable opportunity to seduce them. A former U.S. Olympics team doctor is now imprisoned for abuse of female athletes formerly under his care.

Organizations (including churches) have, sadly, failed to pursue justice against predators among their membership quickly enough, trying to avoid embarrassing, costly publicity. As a result, victims are often saddled with lifelong psychological suffering.

America must stop failing to teach responsibility for individuals’ behaviors -- sexual and otherwise -- beginning in childhood. Celebration of promiscuity and perversions by entertainers/celebrities is destructive to us. Immorality is heavily harming America’s population.

Accelerate the justice against human predators and cut out these “cancers” from society.


Texting while driving is as dangerous as driving drunk

I was appalled upon hearing news of a Forsyth County man killed in his very own yard, reportedly by a young driver who failed to negotiate a curve on the road. Evidence suggests the driver was texting while driving, police said.

The other day, while I was stopped at a very busy intersection in Johns Creek, I noted the young man driver to my left was vigorously texting for several minutes. He never once looked up! I continue to see this behavior over and over again by my fellow drivers.

This behavior is terrifying to those of us who are law-abiding and drive defensively. How many more innocent lives will be lost to such lawless and careless behavior.

The lack of adherence to anti-texting and other cell phone use laws while driving is as dangerous as driving while intoxicated.

I truly hope there is more effort by officials to enforce safe driving laws in Georgia.