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Trump waffles on abortion to win women’s votes

As president, Donald Trump was anti-abortion. Now, because he is worried about how women are rebelling against laws that limit their reproductive rights, he comes out with a statement: leave it up to the states.

Arizona enacted an anti-reproductive rights law — from pre-civil war times, before it was even a state — and Trump says, whoa, Arizona, too much (in a blatant, craven bid for women’s votes — the same women he insisted he could grab any time in an act of sexual assault).

So, which is it, Trump: Up to the states, or were you just kidding?

MAGA people, please see this hypocrisy for what it is.


Roe v. Wade victory could spell defeat for Trump

Former president Donald Trump took credit for the elimination of Roe v. Wade. He claimed it was his role in selecting some of the Supreme Court justices who ended the 50-year precedent that protected abortion rights nationwide. Trump said, “I was able to kill Roe v. Wade, much to the shock of everyone.” Trump claimed he alone did this.

Dare I refer to this historic act of eliminating Roe v. Wade as the “butterfly effect”? The states will react one by one as abortion shows up on ballots across the nation. Laws will change, and some states are ready to arrest women if they dare to exercise their freedom to decide their health-care choices.

Let’s see how the women Trump wronged react on Nov. 5. The women I know and the men who support them will show up and exercise their right to vote.