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Biden’s presidency certainly has not been a disaster

Our governor says we need the next president to save us from the disasters of the Biden administration.

I don’t think this administration’s accomplishments in their first two years should be even politically called disastrous. Things like the infrastructure bill, the many healthcare economies affecting insurance and drug costs, including insulin, in the Inflation Reduction Act as well as the climate change actions in the same bill, some of which will benefit Georgia with the focus on E-vehicles.

There was also the Chips bill and the activity to support Ukraine. The coronavirus relief funding certainly contributed to the budget surplus the governor likes to tout, some of which was timely distributed just before the last election.

Progress is being made on inflation, and certainly the employment level has remained remarkably high.

Sure, Joe Biden has made some mistakes, as all presidents do, but even for political purposes, to call the administration a disaster is just inaccurate and frankly wrong.


Hoping to get better presidential candidates in 2024

Bret Stephens’ Feb. 5 column asks, “How will President Biden be remembered in 50 years?” Many will remember his presidency as the second in a row that stunned the country.

First, Democrats could not fathom that Donald Trump was president, and many viewed him as illegitimate and lacking presidential temperament. Now, Republicans cannot believe that Biden is president, and many have questioned his legitimacy and mental competence. Both men are quite unpopular.

For the 2024 election, here’s hoping that each party will nominate a candidate with the basic skills needed for most entry-level jobs in America: is reasonably honest, can speak effectively, can process information and has an unoffensive personality.

If we get two candidates who meet these basic requirements, we can choose a leader based on policy positions. We need much better presidential choices than we have had in recent elections.