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Trump’s refusal to accept defeat weakens democracy

In America’s history, the candidates who came up short in a presidential election always conceded defeat and wished the president-elect every success. Until Donald Trump, who has spent his life telling grandiose stories about his accomplishments and minimizing his defeats. The former president has refused to admit defeat and has spent the last year delegitimizing our electoral process and weakening our democracy. Members of his own party have properly investigated allegations of election fraud, and nothing has been found that would change the election result. The Jan. 6th insurrection directly results from his continued refusal to accept his loss in a responsible manner. Nominate and elect responsible leaders. Our democracy is not a wrestling program, and no matter your political views, those in the opposition party are not an enemy. We need to accept compromise and allow our democracy to function as our Founding Fathers envisioned.


We need to speak our differences without becoming offended

At times, it is normal to disagree with the statements and opinions of those around you. Each of us can feel a whoosh of emotion when we believe differently than the speaker. The challenge is to speak your differences without becoming offended. When you say you are offended, you cross a line that may close conversation and dialogue. Saying you are offended can be a not-so-subtle attempt to seek an apology and shut down the speaker with whom you disagree.

Being too easily offended is a cancer that has metastasized in our culture over several years. We need to cure this spread of taking offense so quickly.

A way to be more open to other opinions is to state that while you disagree with their opinion -- you are not offended by it.