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HB 276 is an affront to transgender citizens

I based my objection to HB 276 because of my experience in track and field as a teenager. The quality of performance in sports has nothing to do with gender or sex but conditioning and training. The one who puts in the commitment to training has the advantage. At least in my case as a cis male, I know that there were cis females and trans females that could out run me.

I ask if this bill is truly about biology and physiology but religious right objections? From my perspective, it is nothing more than an attack and an affront to transgender citizens.


Lent is an opportunity to eat plant-based diet

I miss Mardi Gras. I miss being in crowds on Fat Tuesday. I’m hoping for a speedy recovery from the pandemic so we can all congregate again.

After Fat Tuesday, Lent begins. Lent is the 40-day period before Easter when Christians stop eating meat and dairy in remembrance of Jesus’ 40 days of reflection. As a Christian, Lent has meaning to me.

For me, I already don’t eat meat and dairy. My plant-based diet helps reduce chronic diseases, environmental degradation, and animal abuse. Countless reports have linked consumption of animal products with risk of heart failure, stroke, cancer, and other diseases. A U.N. report named meat production as a source of greenhouse gases and water pollution. Investigations have revealed animals raised for food under horrible conditions of caging, crowding, drugging, and mutilation. These actions go against what I believe.

Lent offers an opportunity to honor Jesus’ powerful message of compassion and love for all living beings.


DeKalb health department does excellent job with vaccine

This letter is written to compliment the Dekalb County Health Department for the great job they are doing on Covid-19 vaccine distribution and testing procedures. I know there’s been a lot in negative stories about how the process everywhere nationally and locally is not going well. My experience was completely different.

I scheduled a appointment to have a Covid-19 test done by Dekalb County. The entire procedure (scheduling and testing) went very smoothly and as they promised, I got my results in 3 days, with a phone call and a email.

In January, I was able to get an appointment for the first dose of the Moderna vaccine near the site of the former GM plant. After receiving the shot, they scheduled my appointment for the second shot. On Thursday, I received my second Moderna shot. The whole procedure took less than 20 minutes, and there were absolutely no problems. All the personnel was so polite and so professional. Thank you, DeKalb County Health Department for an excellent job.


Impeachment will open a door the Dems won’t like

Are the Democrats too stupid to realize that once they open this door (impeaching someone out of office) it can easily be used against them whenever Republicans regain control of Congress? By establishing this precedent, Obama can be impeached. So can Hillary, James Comey, John Brennon, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, James Clapper, etc, etc. Stupid idea. Of course, no one accused those in Congress of being smart. Just greedy and power hungry.


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