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Irresponsible tenants also to blame for poor housing conditions

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s reporting on the poor conditions of low-income housing is not complete. There’s no doubt that there’s ownership that isn’t providing adequate maintenance, but connecting the dots between a toilet that doesn’t work to providing an environment for nightly gunfire is ridiculous.

Over the past year, I have delivered food to shut-ins in many of the apartments your journalists wrote about. Where in your journalists’ opinion does individual responsibility become part of their reporting?

I’ve seen firsthand bags of trash just left outside front doors, spray-painted graffiti, security gates repeatedly broken, apartments that have never been cleaned and reek to the point of making me actually gag and stairwells used as latrines.

There should be a low-income housing czar that can get rid of tenants who don’t take reasonable care of their apartments and then fine apartment owners who don’t provide the proper maintenance.


GOP will hold firm in support of Herschel Walker

Apparently, the media doesn’t understand the absolute necessity to defeat and remove Rev. Raphael Warnock from office.

We would support Herschel Walker even if he had horns and a dozen sons. Walker supports the GOP, and the GOP does not support increasing and expanding welfare. The GOP does not support taking from “upper-class lifestyles” to support “under-class lifestyles.” Biden promised to eliminate inequity by overtaxing producers to support those who rely on a government dole.

Walker supports his son(s) and does not rely on a dole. Warnock supports Biden’s plan to socialize our government and should have never gained his office with the help of what I believe were phony ballots.

Every “disclosure” offered by the media to reduce support for Trump and Walker has the opposite effect.