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Pro-life activists need to get behind common sense gun laws

Where are the pro-life activists in the gun debate? After reading the article about the young girl finding her mother’s gun in the back seat of her car, one would think that the protection of a life would include a desire to prevent these senseless killings by advocating for common sense gun laws.

According to the research put forth by Everytown For Gun Safety, 4.6 million American children live in homes with guns that are both loaded and unlocked. And every year, nearly 700 children under 17 die by suicide. Many of these deaths could be prevented by educating gun owners on responsible gun storage and handling. Once children are born, it is our responsibility to protect them. Let’s fight for their lives by advocating for gun safety legislation.


Don’t sacrifice one of DeKalb’s nicest parks for a movie studio

How could something so unprogressive happen in DeKalb County? DeKalb County commissioners want to destroy the Intrenchment Creek Park in southern DeKalb County -- one of the nicest, most pristine parks in the county -- so that an already existing movie studio can add an addition. A new replacement to the Intrenchment Creek Park would be built atop fill dirt at a dumping site just down the road.

Now, I’m no genius, but wouldn’t it make a lot more sense for the studio to be the one told by the commissioners to build on the site with fill dirt while the public park remains where it is as a pristine public park, a place that the public can encounter healthy green space?

I think we can easily save this wonderful park and do the right thing for all by following common sense and having the park remain intact where it is, and the studio built at the new site.