Opinion: ‘I’m excited to get my vaccine’

Get Vaccinated. Save Lives.

Today, we continue our series on the importance of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Over the next several weeks, you’ll hear from your neighbors, faith leaders and those in the business community, among others. They’ll share their personal stories – all of them with a simple and heartfelt message: Get vaccinated. Save Lives.

I’m only 10 years old, but I am excited to get my vaccine.

It’s going to be one of the happiest days of my life.

When I get my vaccine, I’m going to be able to have sleepovers with my best friend, Stacey. I’m going to go to movie theaters without a mask; go to school without a mask; and go back to normal. It’s going to be so much fun.

When I get my vaccine, we’re probably going to have a party with signs everywhere that say, “GET YOUR VACCINE.” Everyone there has to have their vaccine, or they can’t come because they didn’t listen to the sign.

Alaya Horne, 10, of Johns Creek. Contributed by Shara Horne

Credit: contributed

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Credit: contributed

I’m so excited.

I’ll be able to have more playdates with my friends Jayden and Zachary.

I’ll be able to go to playgrounds, pools and even tennis courts.

I won’t have to worry about anything. I can touch whatever I want (unless it’s breakable and inside a store). I’ll finally be able to ring doorbells without being scared of COVID germs. I’ll get to burn all my ugly masks – except for my cat mask, because it’s adorable. My cat mask is going to be my souvenir of COVID.

I’m not going to have to worry about the word “death” anymore. I’ll get to have parties again. My little brother, Killian, can finally see the world without seeing masks and being scared. Because to him, masks are scary. He can finally go to big boy playgrounds for the very first time. And Killian will be very happy.

Vaccine! Vaccine! Vaccine! Vaccine!

Stacey and I will be able to hold hands without teachers telling us not to. I want to get my vaccine ASAP.

Alaya Horne is 10 years old and lives in Johns Creek. She has been documenting what it’s like to live through a pandemic on the pages of her diary, and she shared her diary with our readers in a series of stories that appeared last year.