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Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Lawmakers need to address nation’s debt

The vast majority of Americans are not wealthy. You can assess their financial literacy by looking at how they manage their finances.

The same is true of our country’s finances. No one likes paying taxes, and for the last 40 years, the Republican party has indoctrinated the American people into believing taxes are bad, and their tax cuts have led to a $32 trillion national debt. When you cut taxes without cutting spending, debt will always be the result.

No one likes the pain of paying taxes -- and Americans love the benefits that our government provides. Currently, without compromise, this country will eventually be unable to meet its financial obligations. Our country may survive bankruptcy, but it will be devastating for millions and undermine democracy.

When you vote to elect our leaders, please consider if they can compromise and address this problem, or are they bomb-throwing politicians who will continue this mess.


Election interference trial already full of quagmires

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis states that separating the 19 defendants in the 2020 election interference trial into smaller groups being tried together creates a “logistical quagmire” of problems for courthouse staff, witnesses and jurors.

Willis apparently believes (selfishly) that she should force her way upon everyone else. A great quagmire already existed, as Judge Scott McAfee eventually ruled. Constitutional rights matter - first!

One elephant in the room (reality) being ignored by DA Willis is the large YSL-Young Thug trial already struggling to appoint jurors -- in this same building -- since January! The last update I saw was that zero jurors had been successfully selected.

Would former Fulton County DA Howard, in his wisdom from experiences, have tried things this way? Such misallocation of judicial resources contributes greatly to having too many people in jail for excessively long times without even being indicted. Other cases also need attention!

Resultantly, Fulton County taxpayers are being asked to build a new, bigger jail.