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Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Take time this month to honor Black accomplishments

Reading Tracey Nance’s opinion piece, “Ban on Black History course leaves stories untold” (Insights, Jan. 31), consider a few quotes from President Gerald R. Ford’s message on the observance of Black History Month from Feb. 10, 1976:

“...Freedom and the recognition of individual rights are what our Revolution was all about. They were ideals that inspired our fight for Independence: ideals that we have been striving to live up to ever since. “… It took many years before ideals became a reality for Black citizens. “… We can take satisfaction from this recent progress in the realization of the ideals envisioned by our Founding Fathers. But, even more than this, we can seize the opportunity to honor the too-often-neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.”

“I urge my fellow citizens to join me in tribute to Black History Month and the message of courage and perseverance it brings to all of us.”


Parents can help children have healthy view of sex

Having raised a daughter and two sons and participated in raising grandchildren, Maureen Downey’s column of January 31 held few surprises for me as it discussed ways in which kids go about getting answers to their curiosities about sex.

She was right that “some of what they see can be troubling” when they view pornography via the Internet or other source. In my opinion, that is because public sources provide warped views of what should be a wholesome, beautiful, healthy bond between two loving, committed human beings.

When taken to their ultimate end, unlimited promiscuous sexual encounters can lead to anxiety, loneliness, depression and even suicide. That becomes an abuse of the original intent of the purpose of sexual fulfillment within marriage -- the formation of a healthy family unit for the benefit of society. Parents must be aware and engaged as much as possible in the lives and activities of their offspring so their view of sex will be healthy and age-appropriate.