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Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

If Trump is elected, country can expect four years of chaos

Trump is not attending the Republican primary debates. Apart from one seemingly obvious reason -- that he’s already the runaway preferred candidate, there is another reason. Although he was a lousy president, he was an effective, if apolitical, politician.

It seems that nothing he does conforms to the established American system. Why should it? Attending would “pretend” he was one in a bunch of candidates. He’s not and knows it. He failed in his effort to become a kind of American dictator, though millions of his followers regret that.

How about issues like fiscal policy, women’s rights and the border? He does not understand any of those. To him, democracy is a word co-opted by the liberals and not a sacred concept unless it has a Darwinian basis.

“If” selected, and then actually elected, the country could expect four years of chaos both domestically and globally. Granted, Joe Biden may seem like an antiquated grandfather, but he has been twice the president Trump ever could be.


Trump could make country better with these six actions

Recent political polls gauging the 2024 election are disappointing many Democrats, liberals, touchy-feely activists, elitists and victims of all sorts looking for handouts in exchange for votes as it appears Trump would win against Biden.

Trump’s initial actions would be to:

1.) Reduce inflation by becoming energy independent again and by rehiring thousands of terminated union oil and gas workers;

2.) Reduce the size and scope of government;

3.) Reduce overall government spending and institute more oversight;

4.) Give back “parents’ rights” over school curriculum and eliminate woke ideology in schools and the military;

5.) Strengthen our military and retake our lost global position of influence;

6.) Clean up the Justice Department and set DAs and prosecutors back in the right direction, and also close the border using whatever that would take.

Those six actions should straighten out our country unless you believe in supporting long-term failure as a country.

Get ready, Dems.