You should exercise at this time of day for successful weight loss, study suggests

These Exercises Burn the Most Calories, According to Science

Do you exercise in the morning or at night? The time of day may be the key to a successful weight loss, according to a new report. <?EM-dummyText [...]?>

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Researchers from Brown Alpert Medical School recently conducted a study, published in the Obesity journal, to determine the time of day to workout for the best weight loss.

To do so, they examined 375 adults who have maintained weight loss and who engage in moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity. The team asked the participants to report the time of day they exercised and how frequently.

After analyzing the results, the scientists found morning was the most common time.

The team also said consistent exercise was associated with higher physical activity levels regardless of whether people exercised consistently during the morning, afternoon, or evening.

"Our findings warrant future experimental research to determine whether promoting consistency in the time of day that planned and structured physical activity is performed can help individuals achieve and sustain higher levels of physical activity," senior author Dale Bond said in a statement.

“It will also be important to determine whether there is a specific time of day that is more advantageous for individuals who have initial low physical activity levels to develop a physical activity habit,” first author Leah Schumacher added.

Want to learn more about the findings? Take a look at the full assessment here<?EM-dummyText [...]?>

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