Watch how you treat your Uber driver. New ratings allow them to call out bad behavior

If you’re unruly during an Uber trip, your driver can now call you out on your bad behavior thanks to its updated ratings feature.

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Earlier this week, the company announced “Feedback for Riders,” revealing that drivers can now explicitly state what went wrong during a ride. Before, drivers could only give general star ratings, while passengers could give star ratings and additional evaluations.

When an Uber driver selects a four-star rating or less, they are prompted to provide more details from a list of reasons including “wait time,” “patience,” “number of riders,” “attitude,” “wanted new route,” or “other.”

If a customer receives the same negative evaluation twice within 30 days, the app will notify them that their behavior is affecting their overall rating.

The company said the upgrade is a result of the 180 Days of Change initiative, which vows to "make meaningful changes to the driver experience based on what drivers asked for," according to the company's site.

“180 Days of Change is dedicated to making sure that every Uber trip is a good one. That’s why it wouldn’t be complete without improving uberPOOL. We heard two key things from drivers: earn more, stress less with uberPOOL,” Uber officials said in a release.

The update rolled out on UberX and UberPool Tuesday for users in the United States and Canada. Learn more about 180 Days of Change here, and watch the video below to see how the new feature works.

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