This Morehouse alum just became the youngest mayor of Birmingham in modern history

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A Morehouse graduate was elected the youngest mayor of Birmingham, Ala., in modern history. Randall Woodfin, 36, beat Birmingham's two-term incumbent mayor, William Bell. Wood graduated from Morehouse with a bachelor's in political science. "It’s hard for me to know where to begin to talk about what Morehouse did for me," he wrote.

One Morehouse alum has made history, because he just became the youngest mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, in more than 120 years.

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Randall Woodfin, who graduated from the Atlanta HBCU in 2003, beat out seven-year, two-term incumbent William Bell this week for the position at age 36. He is the youngest mayor to fill the seat since David Fox in 1893.

The Birmingham native, graduated with a bachelors degree in political science and was president of the student government association during his senior year. In fact, he attributes much of his success to Morehouse.

"It's hard for me to know where to begin to talk about what Morehouse did for me," he said on his campaign website. "It's a place where campus politics and student government has the kind of importance that football has at the University of Alabama."

Backed by Bernie Sanders, who sent a congratulatory tweet, Woodfin built a platform centered on improving the city's safety and bettering the sense of trust between citizens and City Hall.

“Our city, our 23 communities, our 99 neighborhoods, you have all spoken very clearly – we deserve better,” Woodfin said during his victory speech.

Before he took his mayoral post, the attorney worked closely with the Birmingham city government, becoming assistant city attorney and later a board member of the Birmingham Board of Education.

Now, Woodfin is excited to continue his political work.

"Thank you Birmingham. I look forward to working for YOU, the people, for the next four years and moving our city forward," he tweeted.

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