Report: People with acne have increased risk of suffering from major depression

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These 5 signs are solid indicators that you should talk to your doctor about depression 1. Your mind seems foggy and you have trouble concentrating 2. You feel irritated or angry over things you would normally shrug off 3. You have unexplained pain such as back pain or headaches 4. Your eating habits have changed, either an increase or decrease in appetite 5. You sleep too much or too little

Do you have acne?

You may have an increased risk of suffering from major depression, according to a new report.

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Researchers from the University of Calgary in Canada recently conducted an experiment, published in the British Journal of Dermatology, to determine the link between the two conditions.

To do so, they assessed data from the Health Improvement Network, the largest electronic medical records database in the world, and they examined information from 1986 to 2012.

After analyzing the results, they found that a person’s chance for developing depression was 63 percent higher during the first year acne appears.

"This study highlights an important link between skin disease and mental illness," lead author Isabelle Vallerand said in a statement. "Given the risk of depression was highest in the period right after the first time a patient presented to a physician for acne concerns, it shows just how impactful our skin can be towards our overall mental health."

Scientists noted that depressive symptoms for those with acne lasted no longer than five years after the initial onset. However, they advised doctors to carefully monitor their patients for depression and seek proper treatment if necessary.

"For these patients with acne, it is more than a skin blemish," Vallerand said. "It can impose significant mental health concerns and should be taken seriously."

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