LinkedIn’s new app is giving its users mentors


LinkedIn’s new app is giving its users mentors

Looking for a mentor? You may be able to snag one on LinkedIn soon.

The company made the announcement this week, revealing that the feature is currently being tested internally. 

Once it becomes available, users will be able list the type of advice they’re looking for. Then the career-building site will play matchmaker, pairing you with someone who best fits your criteria.

Mentors will also be able to have a say in who they advise. 

"This is a lightweight way to identify and connect with other members," a LinkedIn spokesperson told CNET, "and it works well with the informal, casual nature of today's changing workforce." 

While the launch date hasn’t been set just yet, LinkedIn is looking forward to the possibilities of the new venture. 

"Giving back is a strong force for mentors," the spokesperson said. "We're finding that people want to pay it forward. We've found in our initial research that 89% of senior leaders currently give or would be interested in giving advice."

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