Kevin Hart won’t let Tiffany Haddish pay back $300 he gave her when she was homeless

When Kevin Hart gave Tiffany Haddish $300 several years ago, the actress vowed to pay him back. Now that she’s ready to return the cash, he won’t accept it. 

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Years before Haddish landed her breakout role on “Girls Trip,” she was homeless and sleeping in her car. When Hart learned of her living situation, he gave her a few hundred dollars for a motel. 

Since becoming a sought-after actress, she’s been attempting to pay off her debt to no avail. 

During some promotion of their upcoming movie “Night School,” which was filmed in Atlanta, Haddish interrupted Hart during a taping to shower him with cash. 

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“She has been trying to pay me back for years & I refused to take the money so she ambushed me on set and made it rain on me,” Hart said on Instagram, where he uploaded a video of the moment. 

Hart then revealed he returned the money to Haddish, hiding it in one of her wig caps in her backpack. “I love u, and I will never take from you,” he added.

When Haddish checked her bag, the cash was exactly where he said it would be. 

“Are you serious, Kevin?” she said in another video. “Am I going to have to fight you to give you this money back? Don’t make me have to roll up on your baby mama and drop it in her purse.”

Haddish said she was taught to “never owe nobody money” and promised to keep trying to return the loan.  

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