What’s next in the case of the boy missing for 4 years?

A Clayton County man and woman remain jailed on child cruelty charges after police found the man’s 13-year-old son early Saturday hidden in a compartment behind a false wall in a closet of a home near Jonesboro.

Gregory Jean, 37, and Samantha Joy Davis, 42, were charged with false imprisonment, child cruelty and obstruction.

Police first went to the home late Friday night to check on the child, who had been reported missing by his mother in Florida four years ago, but the pair denied knowledge of the child.

Officers returned to the home on Duke Court several hours later and found the boy in the hidden compartment after the teen texted his location to his mother.

Here’s the latest in the case:

- A Clayton County magistrate on Sunday denied bond for Jean and Davis, ordering that they be held in jail until their next court appearance.

- WSB-TV obtained cell phone video shot by a neighbor of the 13-year-old boy, whose name has not been released, sweeping pine straw off the roof of the family’s home.

- Police were awaiting court documents from Henry County to confirm that Davis is the same Samantha J. Davis that was convicted of child cruelty in Henry County in 2006 after cutting off part of her own 6-year-old son’s tongue with hot scissors after he talked back to her. The attorney who represented the Henry County woman eight years ago told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the woman arrested Saturday in Clayton County is the same woman.

- Neighbors told Channel 2 that they never saw the boy leave the home the family was renting, even to go to school, but did see him outside the home, often working in the yard. He was always under the close eye of a parent, according to neighbors.

- A police spokesman said Monday that the case “remains fluid and is constantly evolving as detectives continue their investigation.” The Clayton County police chief is meeting with his command staff at 2 p.m. Monday “to ensure that any details released to media moving forward serves to protect the overall integrity of the case,” police Capt. Angelo Daniel said. Clayton County police Chief Gregory Porter is holding a 3 p.m. press conference to discuss the case.

What’s next:

The next court appearance for Jean and Davis is scheduled for Dec. 9.