Motorcyclist crashes avoiding turkey, jumps naked off cliff


No word on the health of the turkey
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The motorcyclist told cops swerving to miss the fowl caused him to crash.

Then, things got weird.

The Press-Democrat reports the rider told police he didn't have much memory of what happened next.

Police say they found the motorcycle on the road with a helmet sitting on it. Leading away from it and through dense brush was a trail of clothes, some folded neatly.

After an intense search, the naked man was found at the bottom of a 40-foot cliff, seriously injured and calling for help.

The Sonoma CountyHighway patrol says they aren’t sure if the rider was trying to commit suicide or acted irrationally because of injures suffered in the accident.

"He's very lucky when you consider the air temperature at night," state park lifeguard Tim Murphy told the paper.

“I’m amazed he wasn’t killed,” he concluded.

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