Dog finds wallet before owner knows it's lost

Lady Bunny has good nose, particularly likes bringing home neighbors' shoes

Grab the doggie treats.

A small Alaska dog has performed a great deed - finding a wallet before the owner even realized it was lost.

The Juneau Empire reports a 7-month-old Maltese pup, Lady Bunny, came home Monday to owners Bonnie and Brad Gruening with a wallet in her mouth.

It belonged to Rudy Vonda, a sanitation worker who drives a route in the Gruenings' North Douglas Island neighborhood.

The Gruenings called Vonda to report the lost wallet.

He had to check his pocket to confirm it was missing.

Vonda says he went to pick it up and expected to see a Labrador or a German shepherd, not a dog that Bonnie Gruening could hold in her arms.

Gruening says Lady Bunny has a good nose and particularly likes bringing home neighbors' shoes.