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Voting closed: What’s the best late-night spot in Sandy Springs? | Best of Sandy Springs

Atlanta is teeming with places to grab a bite after 11 p.m.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is committed to continuing our normal features, where appropriate, during the coronavirus outbreak. For full coverage of the outbreak in Atlanta, please check our Coronavirus News Section. We have decided to continue Best of Sandy Springs voting for the time being, despite social distancing. We encourage our readers to support local businesses after the authorities loosen the social distancing rules — along with supporting those businesses that offer delivery or pickup during the outbreak.

When the night gets late in typical times, that doesn’t mean you have to go home. In Sandy Springs, there are lots of places you can visit to the keep the fun going as midnight approaches.

From catching a movie and grabbing a beer at The Springs Cinema & Taphouse or playing pool at Morgan Falls Billiards, this week’s Best of Sandy Springs poll asks AJC readers: What’s the best late-night spot in Sandy Springs?

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Voting is now closed.

Know a place that should be added? Email a write-in nominee to If enough people suggest the same spot, we'll place it in our poll. Voting ends Thursday, May 28 at midnight.

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